Gianfranco Rosi explores the migrants’ odyssey in the Mediterranean Ocean. After receiving the Berlin Golden Bear and the Efa awards, “Fire at Sea” is ready to conquer the Academy Awards®.

Gianfranco Rosi’s universe reveals the impossibility to grasp life and the invisible law which transcends the world and rules over all men and other things.
To shoot his latest film, “Fire at Sea,” the Italian director went to Lampedusa during the unfolding of the dramatic events chronicled by the world media, to discover the migrants’ invisible and untold stories.
Becoming totally immersed in his quest, trying to retain as much information as possible to be able to convey this difficult and layered reality, Rosi spent more than a year on the Sicilian island to narrate the fateful vicissitudes of the migrants who landed at Lampedusa after life-risking journeys, and whose existence becomes briefly intertwined with the islanders.

Like “Below Sea Level” and “Sacro GRA” (Golden Lion recipient at the Venice Film Festival), this film features a world of marginalized individuals who become the stars of an epic tale, who have embarked on a tragic journey and who could defeat death, leaving behind their friends and family who have succumbed to death and oblivion.

“Fire at Sea” was honored at the Berlin Film Festival, in the very heart of Europe, where the issue of the migrants is extremely felt. The docu-film sheds light on these people’s odyssey which reveals uncomfortable truths and forces the viewers to come to terms with the unfiltered chronicle of a calamity which touches their hearts and shakes their consciences.

The film has been acclaimed by International critics (receiving rave reviews by The Guardian, Variety, The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter, to name a few), and has found a keen fan in the legendary actress Meryl Streep, who is supporting the film’s run for the Oscars in the Best Documentary Feature category.

“I can almost hear the screams of joy of all the residents of Lampedusa,” said Rosi who was in Tokyo when the Oscar® nominations were announced. “We have never taken anything for granted but have always been very determined in taking Lampedusa to Hollywood. It has been an incredible struggle, I was almost losing hope. The theme of our film has captivated the Americans. They have already experienced this problem, and just like our sea, their desert has also turned into a graveyard.  Lampedusa becomes their metaphor, too.” 


BOATMAN (1993)
A boat trip on Gange, in Benares, along a river which is populated by residents and pilgrims, masters and disciples, Brahmins and pariahs, the quick and the dead. This enchanting and stunning documentary has received awards throughout the world.

An abandoned military base in the desert hosts a group of estranged people, marginalized from society, who have no  tolerance for rules and fiercely defend their isolation, proud as they are of their detachment from a mass consumption society.

SACRO GRA (2013)
The film chronicles the life of the area which surrounds the city of Rome, the Great Ring Road, less famous than the capital’s famed attractions but teeming with comical and sorrowful human stories. The film won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.